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Ace your Assessment Centre

So you’ve been invited to an Assessment Day, you’ve been through the CV and cover letter stage, and have clearly impressed at the video interview stage too; now is your chance to meet people face to face and show why you are just the right person for the job.

First of all well done, getting to this stage is no small feat! Let’s start by explaining what assessment centres are. An assessment centre usually takes place over half a day or a whole day, and whilst they vary from company to company, they usually include some form of interview, group task, and a chance to meet current employees.

To ease your nerves a little bit ahead of the assessment centre (we’ve been there, believe us!), we thought we’d talk you through how we usually structure our intern assessment centres and let our very own interns tell you their top tips for how to do well at the different stages, after all, they all managed to impress us enough to hire them.

It’s worth noting that there is some variation between assessment centres for the different categories – for example, you won’t complete a group task for the Editing & Post-Production roles, but you will be given a creative editing brief; and for Research and News you’ll have a brief written task to complete in addition to the below.

All of our assessment days start with an icebreaker in the morning, and are followed by a presentation about the business, so you can get to know us a little better.

Liana's first tip: write notes during presentations

After that, it’s group task time, the purpose of which is to see how you work as a team.

Dave's Tip is to compete with rather than against each other

Once you’ve shown us what a valuable team member you are, it’s time for a lunchbreak, you will have earnt it! This is your opportunity to chat more informally with our current interns and the hiring managers, as well as grab a free sandwich to eat.

Francesca's Tip is to Network Network Network

After lunch we have our “quick fire interviews”.

Liana's Tip is to be 100% honest

You’ll meet with 1 or 2 hiring managers at a time for 5-10 minutes and they’ll each have one key question to ask you, essentially a bit like speed-dating.

Adrien's Tip is to move on after each interview

First impressions count, but don’t be discouraged if one of the rounds doesn’t go so well, remember for once you have many chances to make a good first impression (just with different people).

Georgina's Tip is to enjoy yourself in the process

We end the assessment centre with a Q&A session with our early careers manager and some of our current interns. This is your chance to ask US what it’s like to work here, what the perks are, and when you’ll find out whether you’ve been successful.

Sarah's tip is to make sure you ask questions

All that’s left to say is good luck, and in Sarah’s words: Be yourself, have fun!

~ Daryl & Johanna, Talent, UK with the help of our #InternsAtNBCU